Tips For Hot Flushes While In Menopause

One of the hardest things to get used to are various perimenopause and menopause symptoms that every woman has to experience at a certain age in their life, especially if that symptom is as troublesome as hot flushes.

What are hot flushes?

According to various studies, hot flushes are a very common symptom in women who have just entered perimenopause, in fact, they show in about eighty percent of all women who have reached this state. Perimenopause begins at the point where a woman experiences some kind of irregularities with her menstrual cycles, which means they come either earlier or later than usual.

Perimenopause might be considered over by the start of menopause when there are no menstrual cycles for twelve consecutive months, however, this does not mean that the symptoms are going to go away. The main reason for hot flushes menopause according to Australian Menopause Centre and other doctors is because of changes in estrogen levels, which is quite an important hormone.

During hot flushes, the patient is going to feel overwhelmed by heat, and in most cases, this is also going to cause sweating. When hot flushes occur during the night, they are also referred to as night sweats, because they will usually leave the patient and the sheets completely drenched by the time they wake up.

When hot flushes happen during the night, they often cause a lot of problems, especially in winter if the temperature in the room is low, and what is even more dangerous is if the patient happens to end up with lack of sleep, which eventually causes fatigue and some other complications the longer it goes on.

Once hot flushes are handled, you can have a normal life

How to handle hot flushes?

There are quite a lot of tips when it comes to handling hot flushes, and the best way to do it is, of course, to wear a thinner layer of clothing. Do not overdress if there is no reason to do it, since overheating your body to begin with is often a trigger for a hot flush.

If you happen to have night sweats, and easy way to handle them is to sleep on a cold pillow, however, not just a regular cold pillow, but a pillow that is freshly cooled. You can easily do that by putting a bag of pees straight from the freezer under the pillow for a couple of minutes, and when you are going to bed, all you have to do is turn the pillow, and repeat the process when it warms up.

You might also want to check out the menopause treatment by Australian Menopause Centre or other clinics that provide bioidentical hormone therapy. Replacing the hormones that are no longer produced by your body is going to remove not only hot flushes, but all other symptoms as well.

If you check out Australian Menopause Centre – Yelp, you will find all the feedback when it comes to this treatment and you will probably try it out as it has an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from the people that tried it out.

Hormone replacement therapy will help with all menopause symptoms, including hot flushes

Final Word

Handling menopause symptoms is quite easy these days, as all you have to do is do a couple of tests at your local clinic, so the doctor can give prescribe correct hormones for your situation. As you start consuming the hormones, you will feel better in just a couple of days.

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