Things To Know About The Hair Growth Cycle

Everything has a cycle in which it works and getting proper growth. Here, all individuals are trying to find out source that can help them in understanding hair growth cycle. In the complete hair growth cycle, there are four major steps available. Following these steps can help you a lot in understanding each & every fact properly.

Complete hair growth cycle

Stage 1:- Anagen phase

It is the first stage of hairs. During the stage, the hair starts growing, and growth cycle gets started. Here, the cells are divided into different parts and start working quickly. All these things are providing a result with the growth of hairs.

This particular stage of hairs is working for a long time period. Mainly the time period is between the 2 and 7 years. The length of hairs becomes maximum possible during the stage. In the stage, hairs on the head are not only affected. Hairs on the full body are getting affected during the anagen stage. Hairs from all body parts are getting growth.

Stage 2: Catagen phase

The stage starts working after the growth stage. During this particular stage, some processes are stopped, and connections get cut. All these things are happening during a short time period only. The time period is around two to three weeks only.

With all these things the connection of hair roots cuts with the blood streams. The individuals need to be careful during the stage, which can help them in gathering complete information and know that what to do for proper health.

Stage 3: Telogen phase

The telogen phase is working on the health for the time period of 3 months. During all these things, the growth of some new hairs starts progressing. These hairs are not growing on new places. These one are taking the place of older ones.

It becomes possible due to the area of growth. The hairs start growing from the beneath of older or club hairs. Mainly the club hairs are hairs those faced the stage 2. According to the experts around 10% to 15% hairs are passing through the stage one at this particular time.

Stage 4: Exogen phase

It is the last stage of the hair growth cycle. In case you are desired for understanding hair growth cycle then you should know that it is considered as the hair shedding phase. During the stage, the operation or activities are happening with the club hairs.

Here, the club hairs start falling from the head. As per the experts an individual normally loses around 50 to 100 hairs in a day. Now the question appears how to check that a person is facing stage four of the hair growth cycle.

During the stage, you can see fallen hairs on different types of places such as – in the bathroom while taking a shower, on a hair brush and some other things. All these are the signs and representing that you are passing through stage four. In the stage, all types of club hairs get fallen.

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