Diabetes And Dental Care: Here’s A Complete Guide

If you’ve come across this article, you’re reading the title right. Yes, there’s a connection between diabetes and your dental care (You can ask dentists in Reston to confirm this fact). In this feature, we’re giving you a comprehensive walkthrough on how these two are linked to each other and what you need to do take care of your teeth and gums in case you’re diagnosed with diabetes.

Diabetes: What You Need to Know

Did you know that in America alone, nearly 30 million people are suffering from diabetes? These individuals make up around 9 percent of the country’s total population.

This disease leads to high levels of blood sugar. Type I diabetes refers to the condition wherein one’s body can’t produce insulin — the hormone that transports sugar from the blood to the cells. On the other hand, Type II diabetes is a condition where your body is having difficulty in responding to insulin.

Whether you have Type I or Type II diabetes, one thing is for sure: it will take a toll on your overall health condition; it will cause problems to your heart, kidneys, eyes, and even to your gums and teeth.

Diabetes and The Risks it Poses to Dental Health

High blood glucose levels leave our dental health vulnerable to many unpleasant oral conditions. If you encounter any among these, it’s best to consult dentists in Reston:

Tooth decay

Plaque forms in your teeth once sugar from your food intake interacts with the bacteria present in your mouth. This can cause tooth decay and cavities.

Dry mouth

Diabetic people typically experience a lack of saliva — a condition Known medically as xerostomia.


This is a fungal infection caused by a certain type of yeast. A common symptom of this is having red or white patches inside your mouth.

Gum diseases

Your gum can bleed and become swollen once you fail to remove tartar and plaque from your teeth. This condition, known as gingivitis, can become more severe (periodontitis) if remained untreated

Poor healing

In case you’ve undergone a dental surgery, diabetes can slow down your mouth’s healing process.

Proper Dental Care

If you have diabetes, follow these simple tips to ensure your dental health is properly taken cared of:

Control your blood sugar level by diligently taking your prescribed medication. Also, be strict about following the dietary plan prepared by your doctor.

Observe proper dental hygiene and brush your teeth at least twice a day. Also use a floss at least once daily. If you have dentures, make sure to regularly clean them and take them out of before you sleep.

Regularly visit your dentist. If there’s one person who needs to know the state of your dental health, it’s him or her. This allows him or her to check any problem that can possibly arise because of diabetes or of any other reason. On your initial meeting, dentists in Reston should know first about your being diabetic.

Avoid smoking, or if you’ve been smoking — quit right away. Smoking can cause gum diseases and can help escalate the complications brought about by diabetes.

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